On this site is everything you need to arrange a free recording day at your school in England, Scotland or Wales to get a professional CD made of your school’s musical talents without it costing the school a penny. In fact, you can even use the project to raise funds for your school whilst also raising the profile of the school and providing a memorable, fun learning experience for the children!

Our CD recording projects are designed with advice from LEA advisors and music teachers themselves to not only be fun but also a catalyst for learning towards all National Curriculum Stages from 1 to 8 as well as providing valuable evidence of this achievement.

It's easy too - just practice the songs with the children, photocopy our template and get the kids to design the artwork and let us do the rest!

Thanks to the support of one of the largest professional location recording companies in the UK, not only do we offer the same quality of recording and service as we do for our professional clients, we can also offer something quite revolutionary especially for schools – we don’t charge for any of the recording work!

Please read on for details or feel free to contact either Chellie or Stacie - our Client Liaison team by Telephone on 01925 230656, by email - info@myschoolcd.co.uk or by filling out our Contact page.

Myschoolcd.co.uk offers a unique opportunity for primary school music lessons, in which key stage music targets (also known as ks1 music and ks2 music) can be met whilst creating a memorable school cd recording which will act not only as an educational tool for primary school music lessons, but also become a lovely momento for the children and their parents. The great thing is that this keystage music project for any age of primary school music class isn’t a costly operation; in fact the school cd recording is completely free to schools! This school cd recording project has been devised under advice both from the LEA and experienced qualified primary school music teachers in order to maximise the educational benefit to ks1 music and ks2 music attainment targets – National Curriculum Stages 1-8. This fantastic school cd recording opportunity is available for primary school music classes throughout England, Wales and Scotland and the beauty of this scheme is that not only is this a great learning experience in key stage music for the children, your school cd recording can also help raise extra funds for your school.

The Myschoolcd.co.uk project doesn’t mean that teachers have to put in hours of extra work into their primary school music classes. Whether the children are at ks1 music or ks2 music level, all the preparation required for the school cd recording is for the keystage music teachers and pupils to learn and rehearse the songs. This isn’t just a great opportunity to work on keystage music with pupils, but your primary school music classes can also design their own artwork for the school cd recording, making it an art project too.

This primary school music enterprise is supported by one of the largest professional location recording companies in the UK and provides the same quality for this school cd recording as it does for professional artistes. Your pupils in ks1 music or ks2 music can expect a fantastic school cd recording end product, as our experienced technicians a high quality cd which stands up alongside other professional standard school cd recordings. Not only is this a great chance to help your pupils attain their key stage music levels, it will also be an exciting and memorable experience which can bring the whole school together to produce this fantastic primary school music cd. In preparation for the school cd recording, simply choose the songs that you want the ks1 music and ks2 music classes to sing. These can be new songs or songs that the children know. Maybe songs from a musical production? This will be a primary school music project that your key stage music pupils will remember for years, and of course they can buy and listen to their school cd recording as often as they like to relive their key stage music achievement.

This primary school music project can be a great way to raise your school’s profile in the local community. Local newspapers and other media are usually more than happy to report on events like this school cd recording and your ks1 music and ks2 music pupils will love getting their picture in the paper as well as their voice on a CD. This school cd recording can give your school great publicity and of course the innovative project helps with key stage music development for every age and ability of child, whether they be ks1 music or ks2 music level.

This key stage music project is a perfect way to produce a great quality school cd recording and provides a fantastic fundraising opportunity. Myschoolcd.co.uk can produce the primary school music cds for just £3.99 plus VAT per disc. The school chooses the price at which to sell the school cd recording to children and their parents so any mark-up goes straight to where it is needed in your school. Having your primary school music recorded and sold in this way provides numerous opportunities for key stage music pupils to show their creativity. How about trying a songwriting competition amongst ks1 music and ks2 music level children? The best songs can be learnt by the entire key stage music class and sung on the school cd recording. Perhaps every child in the primary school music class can contribute one line or lyric to a song, so every single pupil feels involved, whatever key stage music level they are at? This way the ks1 music and ks2 music children can all play a part in creating this exciting primary school music project and have a lasting reminder in the form of the finished school cd recording.

Your key stage music recording project is fully supported by myschoolcd.co.uk from start to finish to make sure that the primary school music pupils all benefit from the experience. This school cd recording can be an incredibly enjoyable, educational, memorable and profitable project for the whole school. Every ks1 music and ks2 music pupil is encouraged to be creative not only with the primary school music recording itself, but also with designing the artwork and maybe even writing the songs?

Myschoolcd.co.uk can send you a full information pack about our ks1 music and ks2 music benefits as well as all the practical information about the school cd recording itself. The primary school music recording can be extremely successful, with as many takes of each song as you need in order to get the best performance from your ks1 music and ks2 music pupils. Once the school cd recording has been completed, you are sent a sample of the fully mixed key stage music recording to make sure that the final product is exactly what you want. The cover artwork is also printed and sent for approval to make sure that your ks1 music and ks2 music pupils are properly represented on the sleeve in whichever way you choose. Both of these things must be approved by the primary school music department before the finished cd is replicated and can go on sale to the key stage music pupils and their parents.

This key stage music project is entirely suitable for all ks1 music and ks2 music pupils, enabling them to feel very much a part of the songwriting, rehearsing and recording process, seeing the school cd recording through from start to finish. This can give the entire school, ks1 music and ks2 music pupils as well as teachers and parents, a great sense of achievement as they see their finished cd. Every ks1 music and ks2 music pupil can be credited on the cd artwork sleeve to ensure that this key stage music project produces a lasting memory for all involved. The combined benefits of a great cd to take home and an exciting key stage music project to help reach attainment targets makes this myschoolcd.co.uk primary school music project an opportunity not to be missed.

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