A fully registered company:
My School CD is the name of the educational division of SonicWorks Ltd – a fully registered UK Company which is also VAT registered. We have a list of hundreds of clients – both professional and schools who would be happy to recommend us. If you require a more technical type recording for example for a secondary school band, or information about our recording facilities, please feel free to visit the website at www.SonicWorks.net

You don’t have to take a risk:
The fact that we are a fully registered UK Company means we are set apart from the ‘one man band’ type companies or a ‘sole trader’ using a ‘trading as’ name to cover their status as many music recording companies on the internet or trading locally are. Many of the schools who work with us have come from having experience from being contacted by these type of traders and found the level of service, support and ultimately the price we offered was a great improvement – especially if they have been let down by other companies in the past.

We are the best in the UK:
We have no doubt that we offer the best service for producing a CD at your school there is. We encourage everyone we work with for feedback so we can make our projects better – and we pass on this knowledge in our information pack and the way we work. Similarly, if there is something we can do which is different to particularly serve your needs, please ask us! If you have already been contacted by anyone else offering a service which seems similar (although its usually not!) we match and actively beat any prices they charge whilst still offering a much better service. Contact us and let us know what you have been offered – then let us better it in every way!

We ensure your CD recording project will be a success:
We don’t just ‘make a recording’ - we fully support the project from start to finish to make sure it is an enjoyable, educational and even a financially profitable experience for the whole school. Not only is this part of our service, you could say it is our own best interest to make your project successful too – many of the schools we work with us contact us again year on year to produce another CD with the new intake of children and new songs!

We make it easy:
We actively make our projects as easy and as stress free as possible – we have a full information pack which explains how we make the recording successful, which explains what will happen, and of course things to put your mind at rest like that on the day you can record the songs in the order you want, and you can have as many takes of each song as you like! After your recording we will produce a demonstration CD of your fully mixed recording and cover artwork to ensure it is exactly how you want it, and invite you to ask us to make any changes to make sure it is perfect.

Experience and professionalism:
With the support of SonicWorks we offer the same quality of service and the same recording quality as we do our professional clients - experienced engineers educated to at least degree level in a music recording field and the same professional recording equipment we use for our professional clients. This, along with our experience of already working with hundreds of schools and the fact that we can do all of the recording work for free means that we simply an unbeatable choice.

Please feel free to contact either Chellie or Stacie - our client liaison team, on 01925 230656 by email – info@myschoolcd.co.uk or by filling out the form on the Contact page.